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Digital Marketing that starts with the Heart

I maximize limited budgets and grow devoted fan bases with a blend of indie artistic grit, digital wits, and psychologically informed strategy.

My Expertise

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Content Marketing

Creating content plans that hook customers and brings them back for more

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Social Ads

Developing creative assets, targeting, and testing to get the most out of your budget

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Designing clickworthy newsletters that not only convert, they get shared.

Case Studies, Plans, and Samples

QR Posters and Facebook Ads

Online Sales Focused Marketing Plan

Audience building top of funnel Facebook Ad

Sales Page for Photographer

View the (web archived) sales page (this client went a bit rogue with her live page)

Blog for Verizon Small

Business Resources


Urban Sprouts

Designed a marketing campaign to increase web traffic and digital retail conversions.

Email: jenmstearns@comcast.net

Aldene Nicole Photography

Wrote creative copy for Sales page that resulted in increased sales.


Kait Visser

Created an educational presentation about effective Facebook ad strategies

Email: kaitvissercoaching@gmail.com

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Let's Work Together

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(206) 898-6994